1. Click HERE to start downloading the Windows Online Update required by Red River Software. If there is a message saying "To help protect your security. Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options..." Click on the message and proceed to click on "Download File". Click on “Run” or “Yes” on any messages that show up.

2. Once the Update runs, you will see the following screen


3. Once it finishes extracting the following screen will display.
..... This process may take quite a few minutes to complete.
..... If the required Windows Update is already installed on your PC, you will not see the screen below, just go to step 4


4. After the .NetFramework 4.0 Update finishes installing, you will see the following two screens:


5. Click on OK and you are done

This completes the Windows Update!
*Don't forget to perform this update on your POS till(s) and truck laptops*