Solutions for Convenience Stores

For convenience store (c-store) owners, managers, and bookkeepers, time saved and peace of mind that your business is running accurately and efficiently are of upmost importance.

Nationally Recognized Back Office Software

CS Minder is Red River Software’s premier c-store software solution. Designed to ensure that management is confident in their business operations and to maximize profit, CS Minder is the go-to solution for c-stores across the U.S.

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The Point of Sale Choice for Retailers Across the US

With the Triple E Technologies product family joining Red River Software, our solutions now include fee-free payment processing, unattended fueling, intuitive point of sale systems and more!

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Integrated Proprietary Card Solution

Increase brand awareness and boost sales using our Pioneer Card Processor. Integrates seamlessly with the Vanguard Point of Sale system allowing you to manage customers accounts and take fee-free payments from all of your locations.

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I would recommend this product to other companies, because it is dependable and reliable. The support staff is very responsive, and if I send them an email I get an immediate response. You don’t see this from other corporations. If you have a site down, they take care of the problem and don’t leave you waiting. They are easy to get a hold of and give feedback immediately.


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