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Cooperatives (co-ops) across the country rely on Red River Software to free up their time and resources by providing intuitive, comprehensive solutions that address their unique needs.

For co-op retail locations, unattended fueling sites, or co-ops that make fuel deliveries, Red River Software offers software for cooperatives that all integrate seamlessly.

Ask about our Sentinel Island Card Reader, Pioneer Card Processor, CS Minder and RRS Fuel for a comprehensive cooperative software solution.

RRS Co-Op Software

Automatically capture participating sales at all sites to calculate payouts for the year as well as reserve. Generate and report on 1099s and payout retirements by year, birthdate, or estate. Easily calculate gross margins on commodities by tracking fixed and actual margins for fast, accurate P&L reporting in the General Ledger.

RRS Co-op allows for more granular reporting with Cooperative Ledger than our competitors. Based on income statements, analysis reports cover everything from operations by commodities, statement of operations, and comparative sales year over year. 

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convenience store software systems, back office software for convenience stores

CSMinder C-Store Software

From the pump to the register to the back office, CS Minder is the leading convenience store (c-store) accounting software solution thanks to its intuitive interface and ability to seamlessly track operations and streamline processes.

Whether you operate from a single location or a multi-site chain, Red River Software gives you the tools to manage your business from anywhere.

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RRFuel Fuel Deliveries Software

With the ability to dispatch, monitor, and report incoming and outcoming fuel from the terminal to the customer—and then electronically file state reports with ease—RRS Fuel saves users time, stress, and money.

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Pioneer Card Processor

Create branded cards for fleet, loyalty, and more. Easily manage customer accounts, send invoices, and set spending limits with the Pioneer Card Processor.

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convenience store software systems, back office software for convenience stores

Sentinel Island Card Reader

Securely take payments at the pump without updating your CRINDs. The Sentinel Island Card Reader allows you to accept payment at any attended or unattended fueling sites. Accepts all major debit and credit cards, as well as proprietary cards from our Pioneer Card Processor.

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Interfaces with Select Agronomy Software Partners

Our solutions interface with Agronomy partners including:

  • Agris
  • Agvance
  • Agtrax
  • Agvantage
  • Agvision

“It does everything I need it to. Support team has always been excellent. Everyone stays with an issue until it is resolved, techs are great!


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