CSMinder Convenience Store Software

CS Minderis Red River Software’s premier convenience store software solution for back-office accounting. With over 40 years of innovation, Red River carefully crafted CSMinder to improve accuracy, efficiency, and to provide a comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable back-office software solution.

Fuel Your Business With CSMinder Convenience Store Software.

Say goodbye to manual accounting, confusing spreadsheets, and inventory inaccuracies. Seamlessly track operations over multiple locations, boost accuracy, and increase profitability with Red River Software’s CSMinder. Our software intuitively integrates a variety of modules that work from the dispenser, to the register, and the back office so you never miss a beat in your business.


CSMinder Convenience Store Accounting Software Key Features

WWhether you operate a single location or a multi-site chain, CSMinder is designed specifically for C-store owners to optimize operations and ROI. Unlock the power of your business, anywhere, any time with CSMinder’s Key features:

Manage Central Pricebook and make Mass Price Changes

Reduce paperwork & entry errors

Balance Daily Books against bank deposit

Granular custom views and reports

Easily track & report fuel activity

Transfer local charges to invoices & statements

Seamlessly interface with several POS systems & QuickBooks

Choose between Cloud-Based or On-Prem

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Transform Your Operations With CSMinder Essentials Package

Transform your business with CSMinder, a back-office software solution packed with features that streamline day-to-day convenience store operations. Take advantage of modules that improve daily book management, accurately track inventory, simplify pump reconciliation, and more! When you enroll in CSMinder, you’ll not only gain access to our software, but you’ll also receive comprehensive training and support to help you harness the full potential of your software solutions. Discover how CSMinder Essentials Package can revolutionize your C-store management today!

Essentials Package Includes:

  • Pricebook
  • Management tools
  • Daily Books
  • Inventory
  • Till/Pump Interface
  • Supplier Interface
  • Pump Reconciliation
  • Scanner Import/Export
  • Fuel Price Summary
  • Sales Summary
  • EDI Exchange
  • Till Monitor
  • Lottery
  • Training and support

Customize Your Software With Additional CSMinder Modules

Need more features for our back office software? Red River has you covered with add-on modules designed to match the needs of your business. The best part? Only pay for what you use. Explore our add-on CSMinder modules today!

Add-on Modules:

  • CSMFlex Scanner App
  • Quickbooks Interface
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Deli Inventory
  • Interstore Transfer
  • Convert Paper Invoices to EDI
  • Accounts Payable (A/P)
  • General Ledger (G/L)
  • Tobacco Rebates (Philip Morris (Altrea), RJ Reynolds and/ or US Smokeless)

Drive Success With Red River Software’s
CS Minder Back Office Software

Learn how CS Minder can drive ROI, improve accuracy, and streamline operations. When you request a demo, our expert team will guide you through a consultation to address your challenges, get to know your workflow, and provide customized recommendations that best suit your needs.

“Red River Software has allowed us to seriously improve our productivity. The software paid for itself in less than a year by allowing us to downsize management from a staff of 5 to a staff of 3. It used to take me until the 6th or 7th of the month to finish EOM prior, now I finish EOM on the first of every month.”

Kathy M.

Potawatomi C-Store