Prepare for your EMV Solution Installation

Red River Software strives to provide top of the line back office and point of sale solutions to serve the c-store and fuels industry. 

This year, our Triple E Technologies development team has been hard at work to provide an EMV compliant solution that best suites the needs of all of our customers. 


The following instructions detail recommended next steps in order to secure compliant hardware. 


However, if you already have your equipment and are interested in the Triple E EMV solution, please contact for more information.


If you have not already secured an EMV compliant solution, we recommend the following steps in order to ensure a smooth installation process. 

1. Order New Hardware

It is recommended to prioritize evaluating hardware requirements for your sites as well as required installation services. Due to ongoing supply chain disruptions, delivery times may take longer than initially anticipated.

If you are interested in ordering the Triple E solution directly from us, please contact our sales team for pricing and availability.

Alternatively, you can also order your hardware from your preferred Service Company.

2. Establish Verifone Support

When ordering Verifone Commander hardware, you will be presented with options for an Annual Software Maintenance and Help Desk contract. This support contract is specific to the Verifone Commander and can be acquired through Verifone.

3. Schedule Installation

Should you order your Triple E hardware through us, our support team will contact you once hardware has shipped in order to schedule installation.

When choosing dates, remember that this must align with your Verifone Commander site installation scheduled with your VASC.

However, if you source your hardware through your service company, you will need to contact Red River Software once your hardware has arrived in order to get your installation scheduled.

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