Red River Software and Aztech Software Working Together

Red River Software announced it has expanded its portfolio of offerings within its fuel, energy and convenience retail vertical by consolidating with Aztech Software, headquartered in Greeley, Colorado.

Similar to Red River Software, Aztech Software provides application software for petroleum/fuel marketers and convenience stores. Its solutions cover back office accounting, inventory, store automation, and other critical customer needs within these vertical industries.

Parent company, Volaris, acquired Red River Software in 2015 and Aztech Software in 2016. General Manager of Red River Software, Jim Wood, explains, “After an in depth analysis of products, customers and market share, it has become clear that Aztech and Red River Software offer complementary products and have synergistic qualities. Based on this insight, we have identified a number of ways to join forces to streamline and strengthen our operations, and will be moving forward together as partners under the name of Red River Software.”

Incorporated 35 years ago by Don Ericson to serve the needs of fuel distribution customers, Aztech has evolved over the years to provide solutions to petroleum, wholesale distribution, and convenience stores. Ericson explains, “By joining forces with Red River Software, we continue to evolve and expand. The merger will allow further investment in software development and ultimately the ability to provide our customers with more features and functionality.”

Mr. Ericson has moved into the Director of Sales role for the organization, while general management responsibilities will be handled by Mr. Wood for both the Greeley and Fargo office locations. “We are committed to providing our customers and the industry with a broad suite of solutions that address the needs of the fuel and convenience retail market,” said Wood. “The consolidation with Aztech Software helps us to deliver on this vision by strengthening our product offerings to customers in our key markets. Our products complement each other well and by working together, we will be able to offer our customers a more comprehensive solution for their business. We are excited to welcome the Aztech Software team and its customers to Red River Software.”


Red River Software provides the development and support of operations and accounting software for specialized industries, including convenience stores, co-ops, and fuel dealers across the United States.

Red River Software’s set of solutions are designed to enhance productivity and customer service through automating and streamlining tasks across the spectrum – from back-office functions such as accounting, financials, payroll, inventory, and patronage to operations such as retail price uploading, product management, in the truck GPS and ticket handling, meter interfacing, fuel tank monitoring, keep fill operation, and fuel tracking.