Q: What is the update on progress for the EMV POS to Early Release and General Availability? 

A: RRS has been working diligently to complete our One Touch POS product release for supporting Outside EMV requirements. Several factors – both internal and external – delayed the installation of beta sites. 

Presently we have multiple Beta site installations completed and operating with our EMV solution. Additional locations are scheduled to participate in the coming weeks, which is a testament to the overall success of the initial Beta installations. 

Simultaneously, we are working through the final testing nuances for customers to utilize First Data and other payment processors. We will begin reaching out to those customers in coming weeks to discuss Early Release installation timeframes and scheduling options.  This ensures additional confidence for our new Verifone Commander integrated solution across multiple brands and payment processors.  

Q: Why has RRS taken so long to get to this point with the Outside EMV solution? 

A: In 2020, RRS made a business decision that to best meet the needs of our customers, our organization needed to narrow focus onto our core business and remove ourselves from resource consumptive activities.

Specifically owning the payment processor certifications, which required managing PCI compliance and maintaining interactions with payment processors and other governing entities. 

We made this choice because aligning the OneTouch POS with Verifone Commander site controller meets the needs of our customers in a less resource consuming way, allowing us to strengthen and improve our core business.  

Q: What are RRS’s expected next steps? What should I as a customer be doing now to be ready for getting my site(s) scheduled for install?

A: Demonstrated stability across our Beta installations indicates readiness to begin our Early Availability process. For those that have purchased hardware already and have signed our service agreement, your information has been passed along to our Professional Services team who will reach out to coordinate with you or your service company for the install. 

In addition, there will be checklist of items that will require validation to ensure that your site(s) are fully ready for installation day, which will also be communicated via our outreach to you directly.  

Those that have yet to order hardware through RRS or through a 3rd party will need to contact sales to complete the service paperwork. Given disruption in supply chain networks and a shortage of technicians available to install, we continue to encourage people to sign up as soon as possible to help reduce wait times.  

Currently, it is estimated that new hardware and service orders placed now will not be installed until Q1 2022. For questions about your order, availability, or anything else, please contact emvquestions@redriversoftware.com  

Q: Why have I had so much trouble in getting a consistent answer when reaching out to RRS previously? 

A: As RRS moved away from being the sole solution provider, we ran across several extreme and unexpected challenges. Due to this our team had to react quickly to shifting priorities by changing development targets and negotiating different deliverables with 3rd party partners while operating under time and resource constraints.  

Our goal was to provide concrete information to the best of our ability on a regular cadence and avoid making promises / deadlines we could not keep. Despite our best efforts, we understand these updates have been vague, sporadic, and consistently pushed out.  

Please know that our senior leadership is doing everything they can to address these concerns internally so that we can avoid such situations in the future. We appreciate your patience during this very confusing process and ask that if at any point you are concerned to please contact us.  

Q: What is happening with regards to the RRS ICR solution? Is that also going to be ready for outside EMV? 

A: Our original intent as to have our popular ICR solution ready and enabled for Outside EMV. However, due to technical challenges and unfulfilled commitments from 3rd party vendors, RRS is unable to deliver an EMV ready ICR solution at this time.

We are continuing to evaluate options for a viable EMV ready ICR solution. At this time, we do not have a definitive timeframe for this solution’s release. As we work towards an EMV ICR solution, Red River Software is committed to providing transparent communication.  

Q: What can RRS do about the chargebacks I am dealing with? 

A: The team here at RRS empathizes with our customers on the challenges caused by chargebacks. RRS does not have any control of chargebacks, as they are solely at the discretion of the credit card companies themselves. Once you have the RRS updated solution installed, it will likely not eliminate all instances of chargebacks. 

Credit card companies determine when and why chargebacks are issued to merchants. Unfortunately, RRS is not involved in that process or in the relationship between the retailer and credit card company. As such, we cannot become involved in those incidents. 

Our focus is to provide a solution that enhances your ability to prevent chargebacks where possible. 

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