Red River Software Announces End of Support for StoreWatch

StoreWatch End of Support

Since the acquisition of Atech in 2016, Red River Software has committed to providing product support for the StoreWatch Accounting Software platform. For over 25 years, StoreWatch has been maintained as the preferred software of choice for a select number of retailers across the US.

To avoid performance and compatibility issues with newer hardware, Red River Software has announced support will be discontinued for StoreWatch in December 2022. By ending support for StoreWatch, Red River Software will be able to focus investments on enhancing their primary solutions and developing new technologies.

The specific end of support day for StoreWatch will be December 31st, 2022. After that date, software license keys will expire, and technical assistance will no longer be available for StoreWatch.

Red River Software strongly recommends contacting to explore available options as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition. Special Sale pricing is available until March 31st.


For more information and next steps, please read our FAQ below.

What does end of support mean for me?

Due to the age and incompatibility of StoreWatch with newer hardware, Red River Software will no longer be providing software updates, enhancements, or technical support for StoreWatch after December 31st, 2022. Further, all software license keys for StoreWatch are set to expire at the end of 2022.

Because of this, users will be required to transition off StoreWatch before the end of 2022.


What will happen if I continue to use StoreWatch?

StoreWatch operates by issuing a license key per site or by computer. Users require a new license key if they are locked out of their instance.

After December 31st 2022 Red River Software will be unable to generate new license keys for the software. License keys issued in 2022 will have an expiration date of December 31st 2022 rendering the software unusable after that date.

Why can’t I keep using StoreWatch on a new computer?

Aside from Red River not generating new license keys after 2022, it is anticipated that significant changes are coming to most tills that will permanently break your store’s connection to StoreWatch. Software latency issues, incompatibilities with other software, and increasing vulnerabilities make StoreWatch risky to continue.

Why are you not continuing to support StoreWatch?

StoreWatch was built on an aging framework that is quickly becoming incompatible with modern technologies. To ensure the best user experience and our ability to efficiently address customer needs, Red River Software felt the best course of action was to sunset StoreWatch.

What should I do?

Contact Red River Software as soon as possible for a list of available options and pricing. Modern solutions offered by Red River Software are feature-rich, faster, and more secure with average pricing that is competitive to your existing StoreWatch subscription. Email to get started today.


It is recommended to schedule your migration as soon as possible to allow for installation and training. Currently Red River Software is expecting a 2-month process for StoreWatch migrations. Don’t wait as dwindling technician availability can extend wait times.

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