Gain Clarity and Control of Your C-Store Inventory with Pricebook

Pricebook is the ultimate inventory software that simplifies C-store inventory management. With its innovative tools and intuitive interface, Pricebook enables C-store owners to seamlessly track costs and margins, manage inventory, and generate crucial reports that provide visibility into the business’s profitability. Overall, Pricebook provides complete control and views of your business operations, allowing you to make profitable, data-driven decisions that will significantly impact your bottom line.

Pricebook Store Inventory Software

Pricebook is an all-in-one inventory software designed to help C-store owners manage their stores with ease. This comprehensive system offers a wide range of features that support owners and managers in streamlining inventory management, tracking costs and margins, boosting profits, and maintaining consistency across all locations. With Pricebook, you gain full visibility into your business operations to make informed decisions to streamline setup and improve inventory organization.


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Pricebook And Inventory Software Key Features

With Red River Pricebook Software, convenience store owners and managers can take advantage of various features designed to streamline their operations and improve inventory management. Unlike POS systems that can only track retail prices, Pricebook allows managers to track their margins, giving them a better understanding of the cost of doing business. Similarly, the software provides critical inventory views based on stock on hand and reorder levels, making it easier for businesses to streamline ordering and ensure they always have the products they need in stock.

Key Features:

  • Easily track costs, margins, and gross margins with unprecedented precision
  • Analyze margins based on daily, weekly, or monthly sales
  • Quickly add new products under receiving
  • Remotely accessible for multiple users and multiple sites
  • Receive products by the case, but sell them as 6-packs or singles
  • Schedule mix-and-match
  • Combo promotions
  • Inventory quantity
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and vendor integration

Additional Features Included with Pricebook:

  • Tag-along items such as bottle deposits and pop tabs can easily be accounted for
  • The age restriction feature prompts an ID check at the till for items that require it
  • Critical inventory reports based on stocking levels and reorder level
  • Assigned overhead codes to calculate labor costs and expenses
  • Recurring orders can be set up and automated, saving time and minimizing the risk of inventory stock outs or shortages
  • CSM Flex App for faster receiving

Add-On Pricebook Capacities:

  • Ability to receive new products via scanner, EDI, or manual methods
  • The Deepwater feature allows for easy setup and management of gasoline pumps

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Red River Software values quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and being a liaison between innovation and YOUR success. Their implementation team assists with everything from installing the program to establishing communication. Additionally, Red River Software offers US-Based support and flexible training programs, such as instructor-led online courses and one-on-one phone training. The team’s devotion is to support their customers every step of the way, from installation to communication, and offer comprehensive training to ensure customers are comfortable with their purchase.

With Pricebook Inventory Software, businesses can feel confident in their choice and implementation process. If you are interested in learning more about Pricebook or other Red River Software solutions designed for convenience stores, request a demo today. During the demo process, the Red River team will ask questions about your brand’s site, your inventory challenges, and workflow to make recommendations that best suit your needs.

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