RRS Co-op

With access to a specialized General Ledger and industry-specific reports, RRS Co-op is the ideal software for cooperatives because it takes the time and stress out of tracking and reporting member contributions and disbursements.

For co-ops that have retail locations or make fuel deliveries, RR Co-op integrates seamlessly with CS Minder and RR Fuel for a comprehensive package.

Key Features of RRS Co-op:

  • Access to Patronage Module that holds and tracks funds entered through Accounts Receivable until it is time to make disbursements to patrons
  • Use of Co-op Ledger (in addition to General Ledger) with enhanced financial reporting options unique to co-ops
  • Access to Fixed Margins module to create transactions in the General Ledger for ending inventories in end of month financials
  • Use of Smart Invoice Conversion to convert and import scanned invoices directly into Accounts Payable



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