RRS Co-Op Software for Cooperatives

With access to a specialized General Ledger and industry-specific reports, RRS Co-op is the ideal software for cooperatives because it takes the time and stress out of tracking and reporting member contributions and disbursements.


For co-ops that have retail locations, unattended fueling sites, or make fuel deliveries, Red River Software offers solutions that all integrate seamlessly with RR Co-op.

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From the pump to the register to the back office, CS Minder is the leading convenience store (c-store) accounting software solution because of its intuitive interface and ability to seamlessly track operations and streamline processes.

Whether you operate from a single location or a multi-site chain, Red River Software gives you the tools to manage your business from anywhere.

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Key Features

  • Access to Patronage Module that holds and tracks funds entered through Accounts Receivable until it is time to make disbursements to patrons
  • Use of Co-op Ledger (in addition to General Ledger) with enhanced financial reporting options unique to co-ops
  • Access to Fixed Margins module to create transactions in the General Ledger for ending inventories in end of month financials
  • Use of Smart Invoice Conversion to convert and import scanned invoices directly into Accounts Payable

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“With Red River Software on the laptops in our delivery trucks, our drivers have full access to customer information. This saves time for the driver and our office staff and makes our entire operation more efficient.”

Brad B.

Northern Star Co-Op