RRFuel Delivery Software for Fuel Marketers

RRFuel is the fuel delivery software that fuel wholesalers, jobbers, and dealers need to run efficiently, stay compliant, and provide superior levels of customer service. The RRFuel suite also functions as propane delivery software for propane industry professionals.

RRFuel Fuel Delivery Software

Created to make monitoring and reporting a seamless and accurate process, Red River Software Fuel is the jobber software and petroleum software of choice for fuel marketing. By prioritizing both customer service and compliance, RRS Fuel keeps users current, compliant, and technologically efficient.

With the ability to dispatch, monitor, and report incoming and outcoming fuel from the terminal to the customer—and then electronically file state reports with ease—RRS Fuel saves users time, stress, and money.

Fuel Jobber Software

Key Features


  • Automatically import delivery tickets
  • Email invoices & statements
  • Track prepaid contracts, budget billing & state government heating subsidies
  • View Customer contracts, tank information, statement history & current balance at a glance
  • Set volume pricing for multiple levels
  • Keep fill tracking by degree days, k-factor, or time between deliveries
  • Import prices directly from DTN & email or fax to customers
  • Automatically transfer bill of lading (BOL) to Inventory, Accounts Receivable & Deferred Taxes.
  • Transfer receipts to Inventory, Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Easily create electronic files (EDI) for state fuel tax reporting

Ask Us About Tank Monitoring

Red River partners with top industry services to give you accurate control over your delivery schedule

Fuel Essentials


  • AR/Sales Tickets
  • Collection Letters
  • BOL3
  • Inventory
  • Emailing Inventory/Statements
  • Tank Tracking
  • Tank Monitoring interface
  • Fuel Tax State Reporting

Add-On Modules


  • Transport
    • Auto Price and Order Generation
    • DTN Terminal Pricing Import
  • Accounting
    • Accounts Payable
    • General Ledger
  • Cardtrol
    • Import Private Card Transactions
  • Co-op
    • Patronage
    • Fixed Ledger

“With Red River software on the laptops in our delivery trucks, our drivers have full access to customer information. This saves time for the driver and our office staff and makes our entire operation more efficient.”

Brad B.

Northern Star Co-Op

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