Best In Class Support

Our US-based team of support technicians have decades of relevant industry experience. Feel confident you are talking to an expert that can help you get the most out of your software.

Flexible Contact Options

  • Call 1-844-783-7650 during business hours
      • Back Office Support: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm CT
      • Point of Sale Support: Monday – Friday 8am –  7pm CT
  • Email to submit non-emergency tickets or share screen shots.
  • Complete the form on the right to reach a specific department.



Support Plans

Red River Software offers various support plans depending on your needs and preferences. For cloud-based users, unlimited support is included in your monthly fee. Other plans are based on the number of minutes used. In any plan, our agents will get to the bottom of your issues as quickly as possible and strive to provide resources to enhance your learning along the way.

Support Experts

Agents on our team go the distance in everything they do. They are experts in Payroll, General Ledger, Patronage, Fuel and C-Store processes. We hire from the industry – most of our support team has prior experience either running a c-store or working in other parts of the industry. Speaking of experience, did you know we have agents (yes, agents…plural) that have been assisting customers with their software for over 30 years now! In fact, the average length of employment of the whole team is over 13 years. They understand your challenges and are eager to help you overcome them. You can tap into their wealth of knowledge and learn best practices above and beyond the typical trouble-shooting support call.

Hands-On Help

Some issues are hard to explain over the phone or through an email. No worries! Our agents use tools to connect remotely to your computer to see what you are seeing. This helps speed up the resolution process, minimizing the impact on your business and allowing you to see first hand from a support expert how to accomplish tasks you are having trouble with.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Thanks again for your quick response and outstanding support. I wish all of our equipment suppliers were as accommodating.”


Westside Equipment

“Red River Software’s support is phenomenal. The staff seems to go above and beyond.”


Western Plains