EMV Release Status

Outside EMV Release Status

With Verifone EF Certification and Certified Partnership efforts completed in late August, RRS, in a partnership with CHS, has completed CHS Solution Certification efforts via CHS Labs. . 

Live Beta site installations are completed, conducting EMV transactions both inside and outside successfully. The DevOps team has aggressively addressed any issues in partnership with the site owners, CHS, and Verifone.  RRS is committed to delivering resolutions quickly as well as refining the install and support processes for sites along the journey. 

This is a critical milestone towards Red River making its Outside EMV Certified POS solution available to customers via our eventual Generally Available standard production release (GA Release).  


RRS is now reaching out to Early Release candidates for those processing through the NBS network either Generic or CHS. Testing of this Commander software build from Verifone is nearing completion, and RRS is encouraging customers that have already purchased their EMV solutions to consider becoming an Early Release site. Those that are interested can contact emvquestions@redriversoftware.com  for more information.  

Our technicians, working hand in hand with our DevOps team, are continuously improving their abilities to deploy our solution effectively and efficiently for our Early Release and eventual GA Release customers moving forward. stated Scott Pickler, Sr. Director of Operations. 

Red River will continue to provide updates via email and on their website at www.redriversoftware.com with the latest updates as they continue to approach full GA Production availability of their solutions for Outside EMV.  


If you are a Red River Customer not currently receiving these communications, email info@redriversoftware.com and please include your current email address, primary phone number, account #, and mailing address to be added to our mailing list.  


For other EMV questions, or to get started with Red River Software’s outside EMV solution, contact Red River directly at 1-800-397-0780 or by emailing sales@redriversoftware.com. 

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